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The Worcester Trauma, Resiliency & Racial Equity Institute is a project of the Coalition that began in 2019. Its goal is to connect and engage community members and public health professionals of Greater Worcester through racial equity training and support networks.

The Institute offers 3 unique resiliency and racial equity training opportunities.


Since 2019, the Institute has adapted its model in response to feedback from participants and local contributors. The curriculum of these trainings is intended to build cumulatively. We invite participants to begin with our Foundational Training. Those who have completed the Foundational Training may then register for either Supporting Change Agents or Community of Practice.


Below are descriptions of our 3 course options. You can learn about upcoming training opportunities by signing up for the Coalition's newsletter!

Get involved! Sign up for a training course.

The Foundational Training is a 4-session, 10-hour total course that is held virtually. It is facilitated by 5 local facilitators and hosts up to 60 participants per course. This training introduces core concepts related to trauma, resiliency, and racial equity, including the use of cohorts broken into professional sectors (such as healthcare, human services, youth serving agencies, etc.) and racial affinity groups.


The Supporting Change Agents Cohort is a 6-month series designed to support graduates of the Foundational Training to a) apply training in racial equity to specific projects within their professional or personal work, including developing racial equity leadership teams within organizations and designing public or private advocacy campaigns, OR b) participate in a train-the-trainer program and explore joining our facilitation team, expanding local capacity for delivering racial equity curriculum. The 2022 SCA cohort has been selected and will be working together December 2021 - May 2022. Sign up for our newsletter or check again later to learn when to apply for the next SCA cohort.

The Community of Practice is a year-long series in which all graduates (historically) of the Foundational Training and Supporting Change Agents are invited to participate. It is designed to include continued learning, affinity spaces for further processing, and peer support for confronting challenges with application of principles. The 2022 Community of Practice has been selected and meets January 2022 - May 2022. Sign up for our newsletter or check again later to learn when to apply for the next SCA cohort.

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