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Priority Area Leaders

Coalition Steering Committee Rep: Laurie Ross

WDPH Staff Rep: Cassandra Andersen

To be added to the Safety distribution list, please email   


Priority Area Aim

Ensure that all residents regardless of age, race, ethnicity, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, housing situation, family status, or religion will feel safe, secure, respected, and live a life free from violence.

Objectives and Strategies


Obj. 9.1. Decrease the number of housing and disorder complaints by 20% by 2020 through the promotion of policies and programs to address the built environment.    

9.1.1. Enhance and support program and policy to ensure healthy and safe homes for all residents of the region such as lead poisoning prevention, home safety assessments, and window guard policy.
9.1.2. Increase access to and safety of play-spaces in the region through support of walkability activities, place-making strategies, and infrastructure improvements. 


Obj. 9.2. Decrease violent incidents among individuals under the age of 25, particularly among Black and Latino youth, by 50% by 2020 by supporting the efforts of the Worcester Youth Violence Prevention Initiative through policy and systems change and by promoting trust, safety, healing, and opportunities for Worcester's most under-resourced youth and families.     

9.2.1. Train police on topics such as the effects of trauma on child development and other health-promoting activities.
9.2.2. Increase accessibility of public spaces for youth development and other health-promoting activities.
9.2.3. Implement a mechanisms for pre-adjudication diversion for low level, first time juvenile offenses. 
9.2.4. Increase opportunities for employment for youth at highest risk of experiencing violence.
9.2.5. Implement an intervention for young children who witness violence, to support positive social and emotional development.
9.2.6. Support a network of outreach workers, case managers employment supports, education and employment supports, behavioral and health supports, and recreation supports for highest risk and proven risk young people up to age 24.


Obj. 9.3. Increase to proportion of police participating in community dialogue or activities by 30% annually by 2020.    

9.3.1. Support community empowerment by providing resources for representative participation in new or existing neighborhood groups to increase social cohesion, provide a mechanism for dialogue with police and other municipal officials, and support opportunities for input in neighborhood resource allocation.
9.3.2. Support community-reflective recruiting practices of police departments. 
9.3.3 Implement universal on-going implicit bias training for all police officers and recruits.
9.3.4. Provide increased opportunities for police and community members to engage in fun activities to build positive community-police relations.


Obj. 9.4. Integrate into Greater Worcester CHA a community assessment of resources, data, gaps in services, and additional needed resources to reduce interpersonal violence in the region.    

9.4.1. Support a consortium of providers (CCRN) to identify gaps with an intentional focus on gender equality in interpersonal violence prevention programming.

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