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Priority Area Leaders

Coalition Steering Committee Rep: Chantel Bethea

WDPH Staff Rep: Joshan Niroula

Convening Partner Co-Chairs: Chantel Bethea 


To be added to the Racism and Discrimination distribution list, please email   


Priority Area Aim

Improve population health by systematically eliminating institutional racism and the pathology of oppression and discrimination by promoting equitable access to, and use of, health promoting resources in the community, and significantly reducing the structural and environmental factors that contribute to health inequities.

Objectives and Strategies

Obj. 1.1. Integrate a framework of health equity into all CHIP objectives.

Obj. 1.2. Increase the capacity of 500 leaders throughout the region to engage in anti-racism work through training, the development of common language, and opportunities for personal and professional development.


1.2.1 Identify and implement effective, evidence-based training for cohorts of community and institutional leaders best poised to create substantial change within the community or within their institutions    

1.2.2 Develop or support mechanisms for trained leaders to continue to engage in meaningful dialogue with each other concerning race, discrimination and equity    

1.2.3 Adopt a standard set of definitions regarding racism and discrimination for use and reference by City departments and CHIP partners.   

1.2.4 Integrate language about equity into the mission, vision and strategic plans of CHIP partner organizations.     Worcester Partnership for Racial and Ethnic Health Equity 

Minutes from Past Meetings

Racism and Discrimination Folder on the Coalition Drive

Future Meetings

Coalition Calendar

2016 CHIP 

2016 CHIP Document

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