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Coalition for a Healthy Greater Worcester aligns with the 2021-2026 CHIP, which prioritizes collaborative work in the following areas: 

Prioritized Strategy & Action Agenda 
Mobile Testing Site

Mobilize Community Health Services...

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Organize community-led outreach & education

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professional developmnet training sessions for teachers

Implement trainings on principles of anti-racism, LGBTQUIA, Cultural Responsiveness, and Empathetic Communication

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Communication Tower

Broaden and scale resource navigation systems

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Develop recruitment, retainment, and advancement strategies to diversify workforce

Analyzing the data

Develop publicly accessible systems to track public health indicators and illustrate trends, and increase data driven decision making

Community -Wide Policy Change Campaigns 
Adopt Municipal Racial Equity Policies

Adopt community led racial equity training for all staff, boards and commissions 

Work with and compensate grassroots leaders in oversight and decision making

Use community vetted equity tools in department, board and commission planning and decision making

Offer free high-quality broadband internet

Eliminate barriers to housing assistance

Implement complete streets policy

Implement community led police reform, incl. crisis response team

Receive age friendly designation 

Raise reimbursement rates for mental health/human service staff

Implement comprehensive sexual health education in public schools 

Support policy campaigns being led by CHIP partners

Eliminate cliff effect for public benefits

Universalize childcare

Universalize home visitation for all newborns

Provide free accessible public transportation 

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