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Thank you for your interest in becoming involved in the Coalition's work! Following are suggested next steps:


  1. Complete a CHIP In Form for Individuals and/or CHIP In Form for Organizations.

  2. Look around our website, learn more about the Coalition, and explore the ways that you might become involved.

  3. Like and follow us on Facebook.

  4. Spread the word to others who may be interested!


Get involved as an individual community member. Individuals can be involved by participating in or leading a work group in one of the nine priority areas, providing staffing or consulting services, promoting the Coalition's work within your organization, writing grants or helping us to build a sustainable structure, and/or providing other areas of expertise.


Get involved as an organization of any type, including those in the following areas of expertise:

  • Hospital or Health Services

  • K-12 School - Click for ideas!

  • College

  • Non-profit

  • Faith-based - Click for ideas!

  • Cultural/Historical

  • Instructional or training

  • Scientific

  • Business and Professional

  • Legislative/Political


Get involved as a donor who supports the work that the Coalition is doing to build a healthier community. This important work will not happen without financial support. Nearly 100% of donations are distributed to support Coalition members' unified work in targeted priority areas with the intent of realizing real impact. If interested in providing support, please email Casey Burns, Director, at

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