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The Working Together Logistics Committee has convened to develop systems to address key challenges to coordinating volunteers and resources for citywide Covid-19 response, recovery and re-imagining efforts.  Below you will find links to various forms that will help to connect resources (whether they be materials or people) to those who need them.  Please reach out with questions or feedback.


Centralizing Community Needs and Service Referrals:

The Family Resource Center is operating their call line with a trained and available staff ready to support community members in accessing community resources related to  food, clothing, and household goods, housing, employment, unemployment, and job search, School support, financial assistance and benefit applications, transportation, legal assistance,health, mental health, and substance use/recovery supports, childcare and parent/child activities AND food and resource delivery needs. The call center is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm and is reachable at 508-796-1411.  Flyers for community members are available in English and Spanish as well as specifically for providers.


Please help to direct community members in need of referrals, services mentioned above, and food delivery to the call center. Check out our featured "Free Hot Meal Delivery Program for COVID-19 Positive Families". For more information, click here.
















Also Check out these ONE Page Community Resource Sheets For Worcester Families from the Parent Action Group. In various languages, click on links below. 

Translations So Far:







In order to best support agencies providing key community services and to direct community members seeking ways to help, we are now partnering with the United Way of Central Mass to utilize their online platform. Please go to  to add your agency, volunteer opportunity or  find volunteer opportunities you made be able to fill! If you need assistance please reach out to


Materials Donations and Resource Requests

In order to be most effective in coordinating material needs and material donation asks, we have set up a simple form for agencies to identify what they are in need of for their programs or for their community participants (cleaning products, sanitizer, thermometers, diapers, toilet paper etc).  We will then base donation requests on these needs identified.  Those who have materials to donate we ask to utilize this simple donation protocol. We ask individual community members to utilize the Call Center Link above for individual asks.  We will follow up with agencies if their request is filled on the pick up protocol.  

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